Jack’s Tire & Auto Center has been servicing the community for 75 years

Jack Barnes leased a two-bay gas station in 1947. This company would later grow into what Jack's Tire & Auto Center is today.

CHILLICOTHE— In 1947 a man would lease a small gas station in Chillicothe, little did he know that the two-bay station would grow out of several buildings, support his family and see the community around it grow.

Jack’s Tire & Auto Center has done just that.

The company recently celebrated its 75th anniversary and while the original owner died many years ago the business is still family-run by his grandkids.

Clyde “Jack” Barnes leased a two-bay Texaco gas station, aptly named Jack’s Texaco. He worked with his son Charles, who also went by Jack. Charles started helping his father when he was just 13 years old by sweeping, emptying trash and filling up pop machines. After serving in the Army Air Corp, Charles would return to Chillicothe to run the family business that he would eventually purchase after Clyde’s death in 1964.


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