Blackberry Showcases Vehicle Embedded Digital Wallet


Blackberry showcased an embedded vehicle wallet at the 2023 Consumer Electronics Show (CES).

The company debuted its in-vehicle software platform Blackberry IVY at CES on Thursday (Jan. 05). 

The technology, co-developed with Amazon Web Services (AWS), offers auto manufacturers an integrated artificial intelligence solution for digital cockpits and the company has been demonstrating its various uses at the show.

Among the features available as part of Blackberry IVY is an in-vehicle digital wallet developed in partnership with Car IQ, which embeds payments directly in the car, allowing drivers to pay for fuel, electric vehicle charging, tolls, parking and more, the company stated in a press release on Friday (Jan. 06).

While the technology is being demonstrated in a Jeep Grand Cherokee, Blackberry IVY was designed as a general-purpose software platform suitable for various vehicles. It is anticipated that the software will be generally available in May 2023.

“Our strategic partnership with BlackBerry allows us to offer a simpler payment experience via BlackBerry IVY that lets car owners connect their vehicles directly to their bank accounts and automatically pay for services without needing to add a credit card,” commented Car IQ CEO Sterling Pratz

He added, “we believe the next generation of payments will center around the vehicle wallet, allowing auto [manufacturers] to add wallets to their cars and enabling secure payment transactions.”

Currently, Car IQ is known for developing payment solutions for vehicle fleets. The company’s flagship product, Car IQ Pay, is marketed as a solution for fleet managers to help them oversee fuel and toll payments, removing the need for drivers to carry corporate cards or claim back costs as an expense.

The payment solution is accepted at over 21,500 fuel stations across the U.S., as well as many road toll stations and electric vehicle charging points.

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